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“We serve a very underserved population in south Atlanta, and we would have never thought about bagels,” said Evans, who divides them into gallon bags for her clients. “Bagel Rescue has come to our rescue.”
-Electra Evans, Greater Bethel AME Church

“My partners are making the responsible choice by donating their bagels to Bagel Rescue so we can put them to good use feeding neighbors in need. Good food should not be wasted!...This is a complete team effort, and I’m so proud of what we have collectively accomplished.”
-Erin Stieglitz, Chief Rescue Officer of Bagel Rescue

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"Bagels have essentially taken over Stieglitz’s life at this point. Her car always smells like bagels, and her kids know that if they’re going anywhere, they’re probably going to make a pick up or a drop off on the way. But ever since her son’s first call to Goldbergs in 2020, Bagel Rescue has become somewhat of a family affair. Stieglitz said her son helps her make social media videos and helps her keep their website updated."

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Honored as a Game ChangeHER by the Atlanta Hawks


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"Bagel Rescue picks up excess bagels from restaurants and delivers them to food pantries and shelters. They started with Goldbergs in December 2020, but fueled by many volunteers have now delivered over 500,000 bagels around the metro-Atlanta area!"
-Matt Weber, What's up Dunwoody

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