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Bagel Rescue is a non-profit organization supporting hunger relief in the metro Atlanta area by connecting restaurants with excess food - specifically bagels - to neighbors in need. Through generous donations from local bakeries, volunteers deliver bagels to food pantries, shelters, feeding programs, and community outreach efforts. Our goal is to reduce food waste and support hunger relief, one bagel at a time.

Meet the Rescue Team

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Founder & Chief Rescue Officer

Erin is passionate about reducing food waste and feeding anyone she meets, including her husband and two boys, extended family, friends, and those in need. As a former public relations professional and business owner, Erin is thrilled to put her skills to use to help the Atlanta community.

Erin Stieglitz



As a mom and speech-language pathologist, Amy loves working with individuals and families to try to make a difference in their lives. She is passionate about serving the community, and working with volunteers to decrease food waste and support hunger relief. 

Amy Wilensky

Two Friends Making a Difference
Two Moms with a Need to Feed

Fresh Bagels

The origin of Bagel Rescue revolves around friendship and a desire to give back when so many people continue to struggle during the pandemic. In December of 2020, The Stieglitz family was looking for a service project to spread holiday cheer. Past projects like serving at shelters during the holiday season were not possible so they decided to provide a meal to frontline hospital workers. In an effort to be efficient, Erin suggested the family purchase bulk bagels, spreads, and OJ as a breakfast treat for hospital heroes. But her son would not hear of it. He said they should call a local deli with amazing bagels to see if they would help out. In fact, he called the manager himself to arrange the details. The breakfast was a hit and the manager agreed to continue providing bagels once a week to the hospital.

In early 2021, the Stieglitz family contracted Covid-19 and Erin's good friend Amy asked what she could do to help. Amy graciously agreed to pick up the bagel donation and deliver to the hospital that week. After the family recovered, Erin and Amy wanted to take bagel rescuing to the next level. They joined forces to expand the project by on-boarding more bagel bakeries across the metro area and partnering with hunger relief agencies.

Amy has since moved on from day-to-day operations but Erin continues to build community relationships and coordinate route logistics as Chief Rescue Officer. Fueled by volunteers, the program is constantly evolving with new ways to help those in need. Bagel Rescue is extremely grateful to all those who have championed food justice and have made it possible to help break the cycle of waste and food insecurity.