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Bagel Rescue is a non-profit organization supporting hunger relief in the metro Atlanta area by connecting restaurants with excess food - specifically bagels - to neighbors in need. Through generous donations from local bakeries, volunteers deliver bagels to food pantries, shelters, feeding programs, and community outreach efforts. Our goal is to reduce food waste and support hunger relief, one bagel at a time.


Meet our Chief Rescue Officer

Erin Stieglitz

Erin is passionate about reducing food waste and feeding anyone she meets, including her husband and two boys, extended family, friends, and those in need. As a former public relations professional and business owner, Erin is thrilled to put her skills to use to help the Atlanta community.

Meet our Board of Directors

Rob Miller.jpg

Owner, 101 Bagel Cafe
"I joined the board to help solve the issue of hunger, one bagel at a time."

Oliver Greene.jpg

CCMA, Wellstar
"Bagel Rescue is important to me because it provides the opportunity to prevent food waste while simultaneously helping people within my community fight hunger."

Jen Bhalla.jpg

Lean Leader, GE Healthcare
"I have always wanted to help a non-profit organization and give back to the community."

Kenya Tyree.jpg

Packaging Compliance Specialist, The Coca-Cola Company
"I enjoy being involved because I know food won’t go to waste and families will be fed. It’s a great organization with great people doing great things for others!"

Accountant, The Home Depot
"I'm thrilled about being on the Board to add value. It's been a wonderful experience and collaboration between Bagel Rescue and GreenCell ATL."

Executive, Hospital Consulting
"I love how Bagel Rescue solves two complementary problems - excess and shortage - to nourish our community members."

Retired School Teacher
"I joined Bagel Rescue knowing that the bakeries have so much leftover and this was a way to help give back to metro Atlanta."

Meet our Co-Founder


Speech Language Pathologist
"I am so happy to continue working with an organization that supports hunger relief to so many members of the community and positively impacts the environment."

Everything Bagel

Bagel Rescue began as a solution to a problem; Today it is so much more. 

In December of 2020, founder Erin Stieglitz and her family was looking for a service project to spread holiday cheer. Due to COVID-19, past activities like serving at shelters was not possible so they decided to provide a meal to frontline hospital heroes. To be efficient, Erin suggested the family purchase bulk bagels, spreads, and OJ as a special breakfast treat. Her 9-year son would not hear of it, he wanted fresh bagels! So he called the manager of a bagel bakery himself to ask for help. The breakfast was a hit and the manager agreed to continue providing bagels once a week to hospital workers.

The bagel waste issue nagged at Erin. She and a friend – Amy Wilensky – then set out on a mission to see where else excess bagels could be rescued and put to good use. Other bagel shops joined as more hunger relief programs signed up to receive weekly distributions. Soon Bagel Rescue had a small yet manageable schedule of rescues and deliveries. 

Amy has since moved on from day-to-day operations, but Erin continues the mission as Chief Rescue Officer.


Fueled by volunteers, the program is constantly advancing new ways to help neighbors in need. Bagel Rescue is extremely grateful to those who champion food justice to help break the cycle of waste and pain while creating a cycle of kindness and hope!

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